1. To educate girl student physically and mentally.
  2. To help maintain a harmonious atmosphere at the college.
  3. To raise awareness on issues of gender equality.
  4. To look into the grievances of girl students, teaching staff and non-teaching staff.
  5. To guarantee the girl students to attain their menstrual needs during class hour.

Teachers in charge:

  1. Miss Kateni
  2. Miss L. Heipovile Lily
  3. Madam Chisa
  4. S. Lungsuila

Minutes of the Meetings:

A meeting of the Women’s Cell MEC was held on the 5th of March 2023 in the special class room and the following members were present for the meeting:
Teachers In charge:
(1) K. Kateni (Botany Dept.)
(2) Lily Heipoivile (Physics Dept.)
Students’ coordinators:
(1) Joyrich
(2) Rojohne
(3) Jasmine


  • Activities to be taken up by the cell
  • Issues and concerns to be addressed by the cell
  • Upcoming Social Work at college campus on International Women’s Day

Teacher in charge Miss Kateni opened the meeting with a brief introduction of its members present in the meeting. She also briefed the aim and objectives of the cell and its importance in sustaining and enhancing the culture of emphasizing the idea of gender equality and promoting women power in and outside the campus.


  • The members have decided to celebrate women’s day by organizing a cleaning drive in and around the college campus.
  • The members have also decided to conduct the clubs’ activities once every month.
  • The members have also selected members who will be the in charge for necessary arrangements for celebration of International Women’s Day

The Cell members along with teachers in charge approved the minutes of the meeting and have decided to carry out the activities as per the above discussions. The members have also decided to put up the notice of the upcoming cell’s activity through the college notice board.


It is hereby informed to all the members of Women’s Cell that there will be a cleaning drive in the college campus in observance of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March 2023 at the college campus at 9:00 AM. Therefore, all the members are requested to come in time and actively partake the activity without fail. There will be an imposition of fine for students who fail to turn up for the said activity.

Report of Activity 1

Awareness on Menstrual Hygiene Conducted by Mt. Everest College, Senapati.

20th September 2022

One day awareness Programme on Menstrual Hygiene was organized by AMYAA NGO in collaboration with Project BAALA and Women’s Cell Mount Everest College, Senapati, held on 20th September 2022 at the college Auditorium Hall.
The programme was moderated by Miss Nimrila, Asst.Prof, Department of Zoology, MEC.
Welcome speech was given by Miss K. Kateni, Asst.Prof, Department of Botany, MEC.
Thereafter, Shri. R.K Paul Chawang, President AMYAA NGO delivered a speech to students.
After which Smt. Marina awechiu, Facilitator AMYAA NGO gave an awareness on Menstrual Hygiene. After which question round were open. Followed by the distribution of free BAALA reusable sanitary pads. The programme was ended with a vote of thanks from Miss Heipoivile Lily, Asst.Prof, Department of Physics, MEC.

Reports of activity 2

Observation of world AIDS Day

1st December 2022

Mount Everest College, Senapati Observed World AIDS Day on 1st December 2022 at college campus organized by IQAC Committee in collaboration with Women’s Cell, MEC. Teachers and students of the college wear a red ribbon, as the signed for the solidarity and support for the people living with AIDS/HIV.

Report of Activity 3

One day cleaning drive

On this day, i.e., the 8th of March 2023 the members of the Women’s Cell MEC conducted cleaning drive inside the college campus in account of the observance of International Women’s Day. Altogether 12 members along with the teachers in charge participated in the activity. The members brought their own equipment like spade, knife and broom. The activity stated at 9:10 AM and concluded at around 9:50 AM. The members have cleaned the drainage system near the basketball court and have thoroughly swept the whole campus. A group photo and members’ roll call were taken after the completion of the activity. The observation ended with a brief highlight of the history and importance of the observation of International Women’s’ Day by the Teachers’ in charge.