Minority Cell

Minority Cell, MEC

Minority Cell was established in the year 2021 with the purpose of empowering minority communities in the college. It follows the belief that every student has the right to education in a safe, free and equal environment despite the differences in their tribe, religion, caste, creed and community.

The demography of the college is predominantly Schedule Tribes and Christians. As such, in the context of Mount Everest College, the Cell recognizes students from Hindu background, General category and Other Backward classes as the minorities in the college. However, the cell also recognizes the status of minority as prescribed by the constitution of India.

It is the mission of the Cell to provide to these students equal academic opportunity, financial opportunity, extra-curricular opportunity, safe and discrimination free environment. The Cell is also committed to provide assistance to the minority students through counseling and grievance redressal mechanism.

Nodal Officer

W. Charushila Devi, Asst. Prof. History Dept, MEC


  1. Students’ Support and Progression Committee.
  2. Students’ Grievance Cell.
  3. Cultural Committee.