In accordance with the National Action Plan of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) for performance evaluation, assessment, accreditation, and quality enhancement of higher education, Mount Everest College, Senapati, Manipur, reconstituted its Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) on October 18, 2021.The IQAC, an integral part of the institution’s system, strives towards achieving the goals of quality enhancement and ensuring its continued sustenance.
Minutes of the Mount Everest College Governing  Body  Members Meeting  with reference to  the formation  of Internal Quality  Assurance Cell (1QAC) of Mount Everest College chaired  by  the President on  18lh October.  2021 at 11:30 am in the President’s chamber and adopted the following resolutions: –
(List of members present in the meeting is appended as Annexure-A)
1.    The  members  present  unanimously  agreed  to  constitute  an  independent  IQAC  Cell  of Mount Everest College for qualitative and quantitative study at the earliest.
2.  The principal elaborates that, in pursuance of the National Action Plan of the NA AC for performance,  evaluation,  assessment and  accreditation  and  quality’ up-gradation  of institutions of higher education,  the Mount Everest College Internal Quality’ Assurance Cell (IQAC) is the need  of an  hour to  establish  as a quality  sustenance measure and work towards the realization.
3.  The Mount Everest College IQAC will become a part of the institution’s system and work towards realization of the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance.  IQAC will work to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of institutions.
4.  The Mount Everest College IQAC will aim to  develop  a system for conscious, consistent and  catalytic action  to  improve the academic and  administrative performance of the institution  & to  promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality  enhancement through  internalization  of quality  culture and institutionalization of best practices.
5.  The Members present after minute deliberation approved the following names as members of IQAC cell of Mount Everest College, but will change according to the situation demands.

The dedicated members of the IQAC are as follows:

Dr. Samson S Chiru– PrincipalChairperson
2.Gonmei Meithuanlungpou– Vice Principal
3.Mr. Roshan Shagolsem– Academic Dean
4.Mr. Vikram  Singh– Nodal Officer
5.Mrs. Khuveirou Vemai– ManagementMember
6.Mr. N. Jacob– StakeholderMember
7.Mr. VS Dahriinii– EmployeeMember
8.Mr. P.V. Row– Local Society
9.Mr. Maithai Vemai– AlumniMember
10.Dr. Holkhongam Haokip– Asst. ProfessorMember
11.Ms. Asha Devi– Asst. ProfessorMember
12.Ms. Vashti Kho– Asst. ProfessorMember
13.Mr. Tomba Singh– Asst. ProfessorMember
14.Ms. Ranju Rai– Sixth Semester
15.Mr. Biswajit Singh– Asst. ProfessorIT Co-Ordinator
16.Mr. Niomchung Jatak Chiru– Asst. ProfessorIQAC Co-Ordinator