The Anti-Litter Club of Mount Everest College was launched in the college on 14th of September 2022 with the motto “Live to Serve, Serve to Change”.

Aim and objectives (Mission):

Aim: To Create Litter Free College and Society.


  1. Creating awareness to the students and people around to keep the environment clean.
  2. Changing behavior and reducing litters at all levels within the college campus and neighboring villages.
  3. Raise awareness of how litters and waste effect the local environment.
  4. Creating awareness through campaigns and social activities.
  5. To ensure clean environment by conducting individual as well as social work.

Anti-Litter Club Members (2022-2023)

Teacher’s In-Charges:

  1. Mr Donkaolung Malanmei
  2. Mr Albert


All the class Captains and vice Captains.

CLUB MEMBERS (2022-23)

S.No.NameDepartment & SemesterPhone No.
1Pf. AshikhoB.Sc. 3rd Sem8131818951
2Anju BaralB.Sc. 3rd Sem9366152983
3SavaneVemaiB.A 5th Sem9853084638
4B.Ng ValentinaB.Sc. 3rd Sem9863305448
5Dikiila KampuinameB.A 1st Sem8131948544
6Gethsemane LishineB.A 1st Sem9366290014
7Pouriangwibou MaramaiB.Sc. 5th Sem9863499588
8Khaine VemaiB.A 3rd Sem7085633594
9Ramtaso JajoB.Sc.1st Sem8119906323
10IsaplungbeB. Com 1st Sem8119902751
11Job ChawangB.Sc.1st Sem8794471990
12Jepu KyapaoB.A 5th Sem8837080299
13Maningsiliu DirinamaiB.A 5th Sem9863508551
14Rachael GongmeiB.Sc.1st Sem8132099136
15LuckyliuB.Sc.5th Sem9863276335
16ShanpiliuTingnamaiB. Com 1st Sem8730833854
17Donguila Katheryne Magui PuinamaiB.Sc.5th Sem9366679457
18R.P ShuvashioB. Com 5th Sem9863140408
19Thaichuiliu PameiB.A 5th Sem8974932770
20Sneha GuptaB.A 3rd Sem7085390508
21Ch. ZiivalouB.A 5th Sem7085838614
22HedunghingbungB.A 5th Sem8119944773
23Sujoy ChandaB.A 1st Sem7630901568
24M. Rakovei TaoB.Sc.5th Sem7085632781
25K.B TennysonB.A 3rd Sem7005683256
26Anisha KmariB.Sc. 3rd Sem9366154724
27Mark ThoilakB.A 1st Sem7630924587
28Ng. TraloTilurB.A 1st Sem8119893614
29Chamchangbou NiumaiB.A 1st Sem9362427833
30Babita RaiB.A 3rd Sem6009954220
31ZiivahneB.A 3rd Sem9366046463
32H. MairithonliuB.A 3rd Sem6909730062
33Wiranbou ChawangB.A 3rd Sem9863208554
34W. GladsonB.A 3rd Sem9366718505
35Lohrii AsakhoB. Com 3rd Sem763002640
36Harshit JaiswalB. Com 3rd Sem8794466355
37M KajuipanThangalB. Com 3rd Sem7085567059
38Bijay LimbuB. Com 3rd Sem8132078801
39R.B Kho RaihB.Sc.1st Sem9863660803
40LugainaThaimeiB.Sc.1st Sem9362318296
41Ujala KumariB.Sc.1st Sem8787561537
42Sneha PradhanB.Sc.1st Sem8414815581
43L.P JoyrichB.Sc.5th Sem9612900733
44Glory TingnamaiB.Sc.5th Sem8794705993
45CarolinB.A 1st Sem8119910767
46NemmdeinengB.A 1st Sem8413927917
47HoineithemB.A 1st Sem9362590330
48M. SiiveirouB.A 1st Sem8798015188
49R. HaurlaB.A 1st Sem8119912130
50R.R ThiniirouB.A 1st Sem9862741356
51Naina KumariB.Sc.1st Sem9362837889
52KesapB. Com 1st Sem8732890942
53MairongdibouNewmaiB. Com 1st Sem7085951125
54LaksnaB.A 1st Sem9362508768
55K. Angkai PallingB.A 5th Sem8413963205
56Nummy ChongloiB.A 5th Sem7641828089
57Ch. Hriilouni ChoroB.A 5th Sem6909014245
58B.K KanimpanB.A 1st Sem9383240366
59R.V WonchuirinRuivahB.A 1st Sem9383118037
60N. RoselinB.A 1st Sem9362925093
61Chingyin MaryB.A 1st Sem9362507377
62K. Th. Vesho LuckyB.A 5th Sem8798249685
63Tunngambou NewmaiB.A 5th Sem6909105352
64D.D RiaviB.A 5th Sem6909682981
65ThundaiB.A 5th Sem7628980141
66MoranshangB.A 5th Sem7085215941
67D. ShoveiB.A 1st Sem8798989878
68Neli ShelinaB.A 1st Sem9612900648
69DanielB.Sc.5th Sem9366181321
70A. HraveiB. Com 5th Sem8974825139
71Worrantim MungreiB.A 5th Sem9863176889
72Shonreiwon RungrungB.A 5th Sem9378151618
73Wonchuirin RuivahB.A 1st Sem9233032280
74KimdelamB.A 5th Sem8974504283
75Ranju RaiB.Sc.5th Sem8119946759
76SousaneB.A 3rd Sem9863028124
77K B RekkhoB.A 5th Sem6009244615

Anti- Litter Club Activities (2022-2023)

14/09/22Anti-Litter club kick start its 1st activities of cleaning and creating awareness about cleanliness in the college campus and its surrounding localities.1701517061671.jpg
16/09/22The Anti-Litter Club conducted its 2nd cleanliness drive along with the students of Political Science and English Department. The drive started from NH-2 College Auto parking to the college campus.1701517590265.jpg
21/09/22Anti-Litter Clubs conducted its 3rd cleanliness drive in and around the college campus. The members cleaned the college section, Administrative Block, College basket ball court etc.
27/09/22Anti-Litter club conducted 4th cleanliness drive cum awareness programmee in collaboration with co-curricular committee MEC, at Senapati women’s Market (Apfii Saliki)1701518783695.jpg
12/10/2022Anti- Litter Club conducted its 6th cleanliness drive in and around the college campus.
15/10/22The Anti- Litter Club conducted its 7th campus cleanliness drive which starts from national high way to the college campus.
02/11/22Anti-Litter club conducted its 8th cleanliness drive around the college basketball court, Administrative block and around the college campus.
09/11/22Anti- Litter Club conducted its 9th club’s activities, the club members have cleaned the drainage behind the 1st semester science and commerce block.1701520251438.jpg
16/11/22Anti-litter Club conducted 10th cleanliness drive.Venue: Taphou Phyamai village Road.
30/11/22Anti-Litter Club conducted 11th cleanliness drive, in the Public Toilet near the B.Ed Block.
07/02/23Anti-Litter club conducted the 12th cleanliness drive in the college campus and its surrounding areas.
14/02/23Anti-litter Club conducted the 13th cleanliness drive in and around the college campus and college basket ball court.
08/02/23MEC Anti-Litter Club conducted 14th cleanliness drive around the college campus and administrative block.
22/02/23The Anti-Litter Club conducted the 15th cleanliness drive in the college campus.
15/03/23Anti- Litter club conducted 16th cleanliness drive in the college campus. So far, the club has removed more the 112kg of trash.16*7=112kg of Trash1701524889038.jpg
22/03/23Anti-Litter club cancelled the routine cleanliness drive due to rain. However one group photo was taken for memories.
29/03/23On this day the Anti-Litter club conducted the 17th Cleanliness drive around the college campus.
12/04/23The 18th club activities was carried out by the club members at the NH-2, College auto parking.
26/04/23Anti-Litter club conducted the 19th cleanliness drive outside and inside of the college campus. The club members has also cleaned Phyamai Taphou road.1701525183900.jpg
01/05/23Anti-Litter club has conducted its 20th club activities outside the college campus. Anti-Litter club organized cleanliness campaign at Yangkhullen village. The club member also donated some hand-made dustbin. This was the last club activities for the acedamic year 2022-2023.extension programme.jpganti litter.jpg

ANTI-LITTER CLUB (2023-2024)


Chairman: Mr. Gonmei Meithuanlungpou (Vice Principal)

Secretary: Ms. M Lishine


  1. Mr. Seiminlun Haokip
  2. Ms. Joycy Tikka
  3. All the Class Captains and Vice Captain.
Sl.noNameDepartment and SemesterPhone no.
1H L WungkochonB.A 5th Sem Pol.Sci9863965804
2D. SousaneB.A 5th Sem Pol.Sci9863028124
3ThemchuiloB.A 5th Sem English9863218036
4Somotai YangyaB.A 5th Sem English6009947164
5Mordelai MalangmeiB.A 5th Sem Sociology9362425621
6Theresa KameiB.A 5th Sem Sociology9362318266
7VakuB.A 5th Sem History9863396016
8AvaneB.A 5th Sem History7085822449
9PoujangaiB.Sc 5th Sem Botany6009594169
10LevanaiB.Sc 5th Sem Botany7085638436
11B. Lunii AnthonyB.Sc 5th Sem Zoology8798787599
12KinthanggailiuB.Sc 5th Sem Zoology9863217629
13Dikneilar ShekhoB.Sc 5th Sem Physics9862743740
14ManiaB.Sc 5th Sem Physics9233683582
15Harshit JaisualB.Com 5th Sem6009837018
16Priety JosephB.Com 5th Sem8882148960
17Loraih ChaoB.A 2nd Sem English8837268475
18Chihanla KeishingB.A 2nd Sem English9233290297
19MathiulanliuB.A 2nd Sem Pol. Sci9609299622
20HengunhaoB.A 2nd Sem Pol. Sci9863743678
21Silas PaoB.A 2nd Sem Sociology9863115657
22B K KanimpanB.A 2nd Sem Sociology9233129528
23B K PangmilaB.A 2nd Sem History9863123369
24Chingyin Mary MB.A 2nd Sem History9362507377
25JainreilungB.Sc 2nd Sem Botany7085635699
26TedovalaB.Sc 2nd Sem Botany9612308775
27R T SolomonB.Sc 2nd Sem Zoology
28Ringmiwon RungsungB.Sc 2nd Semester8798670303
29SharonB.Sc 2nd Sem Physics9362925543
30AdaziineB.Sc 2nd Sem Physics9366670925
31R S ZhouveiB.Com 2nd Sem7085383107
32ShangpiliuB.Com 2nd Sem8730833854
33EthangangmeiB.A 1st Sem English9863169726
34Weihoikim KipgenB.A 1st Sem English8798388811
35Tangang GohpaB.A 1st Sem Pol. Sci9362271386
36Lusinmei ThaimaiB.A 1st Sem Pol. Sci8787828145
37AngelinaB.A 1st Sem Sociology9362653502
38Machotchung HongyB.A 1st Sem Sociology7085633232
39RepnidenB.A 1st Sem History9233170906
40GanchunlungB.A 1st Sem History8974926614
41Wilubuibou NewmaiB.Sc 1st Sem Botany9233633681
42JelomiB.Sc 1st Sem Botany8794477588
43Micheal KameiB.Sc 1st Sem Zoology9366549456
44Angeli LanahB.Sc 1st Sem Zoology8131967142
45ThuireipamB.Sc 1st Sem Physics8798015421
46Arpita chandaB.Sc 1st Sem Physics8787683484
47Ferrendo ChahongnaoB.Com 1st Sem8131803909
48Christina B RalishinaiB.Com 1st Sem700553488
49Anisha KumariB.Sc 5th Sem Zoology9366154724
50ShelyneB.Sc 1st Sem Zoology6902691395
51Neli ShelenaB.A 2nd Sem Sociology8131089346
52Dilbung RachelB.A 2nd Sem History9233639167
53R B Kho RaihB.Sc 2nd Sem Zoology9863660803
54Zhairainai BlissB.A 5th Sem9383222326
55LevanaiB.Sc 5th Sem Botany7085638430
56Anju BoralB.Sc 5th Sem Botany9366152983
57D Shovei PaulB.A 2nd Sem English8798989878
58Sneha GuptaB.A 5th Sem Sociology9233169917
59Doveine DaimondB.Com 1st Sem

Anti-Litter Club activities 2023-2024

30/08/23Enrollment of new students to the club.
30/08/23The Anti Litter club organized the 21st cleanliness drive which was led by the teachers in charges. The drive was conducted around the college basket ball court.1701527547995.jpg
06/09/23Anti-Litter club conducted 22nd club activities in the college basket ball court and also around the vicinity of the college. 40 club members participates the drive.
13/09/23Anti-Litter club conducted 23rd cleanliness drive in the college basket ball court and Administrative Block. The drive was participates by around 40 club members under the guidance of teachers in charges.
15/09/23Launching of Pamphlets and Oath TakingTheme ; “Mission Clean Earth and Earthlings”The Anti- Litter Clubs of Mount Everest College, Senapati, launched its first ever Pamphlet, to address the issue of un-cleanliness in the community. The Pamphlets was launched by Sir Gonmei Meithuanlungpou, Acting principal, Mount Everest College, Senapati.

After the release of the pamphlet, the club members also took oath which was led by Miss Lishine, teacher in charge, Anti-Litter Club, MEC.



20/09/23Anti-Litter Club conducted the 24th cleanliness drive. The club members have cleaned the drainage and the roadside behind the college wall.
29/09/23The Anti-litters club, Extension committee of MEC in collaboration with Senapati District Olympic Association (SDOA) have conducted one day extension programme cum cleanliness drive at Senapati Astro Football Gorund. The volunteers had undertaken the voluntary service by cleaning around the Turf Ground. Anti Litter club Menbers also given awareness to the people by distributing the pamphlet “Mission Clean Earth and Earthlings” the team was led by Miss Lishine, teacher in charge Anti-Litter Club, Sir Jangminthang extension Committee and sir Sedzii.1701531607055.jpg1701531607043.jpg
11/10/23Anti-Litter Clubs conducted the 26th cleanliness drive at the teacher’s quarter surroundings.
18/10/23The Anti-Litter Club has conducted the 27th cleanliness drive behind the college which was led by teachers in charges.1701532698227.jpg
08/11/23Anti-Litters club conducted 28th cleanliness drive around the college basketball court and also the vicinity of the college campus. The club comprises of 30 members actively participated the drive.
29/11/23Anti-Litter club conducted the 29th club activities on 29th November. The club members have cleaned the drainage and roadside behind Mount Everest Hr. Sec School.The team was led by Miss Lishine and Miss Joycy.
06/12/23Anti-Litter conducted the 30th cleanliness drive around the college campus. A total of 40 club members participates the drive which was led by teachers in-charges. The club members have cleaned the college basket ball court, Administrative block and the road side behind the college gate.1701997318384.jpg1701997318401.jpg