Clear Consequences for Unacceptable Behavior:

Any individual found guilty of violating the anti-ragging policy will face serious consequences as per the UGC Regulation 2009 and relevant penal laws. We stand firm in our commitment to protecting our students’ well-being and upholding a dignified college experience for everyone.

Building a Supportive Community:

To foster a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, Mount Everest College has established the following committees in accordance with UGC Regulation 2009:

  • Anti-Ragging Committee: Monitors and addresses any instances of ragging, ensuring swift and fair action.
  • Mentoring Cell: Provides guidance and support to freshers, helping them adjust to college life smoothly.
  • Anti-Ragging Squad: Actively patrols the campus and hostels, vigilantly preventing any form of ragging.
  • Anti-Ragging cum Anti-Intoxicants Committee: Combats both ragging and substance abuse threats to student safety.

Composition of the Anti-Ragging Committee:

Chaired by the College Head/Principal, the committee comprises:

  • Vice Principal as Member
  • 3-4 College Faculty Members
  • A Student Representative

Committee Roles and Responsibilities:

The Anti-Ragging Committee plays a crucial role in:

  • Ensuring compliance with UGC Regulation 2009 within the college.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the anti-ragging squad.
  • Taking prompt action against any reported ragging incidents.

Together, we can create a college environment where respect, dignity, and safety are paramount. Let’s make Mount Everest College a place where everyone thrives and feels supported.


1Dr. Samson S
2Mr. Gonmei
3Dr. Roshan SagolsemAcademic
4Mr. Sanjembam VikramNodal
5Mrs. DS.
6Miss Worinyo


  1. As per MEC the composition of the Monitoring Cell at students level.
  2. Senior Students volunteering as members for the freshers .
  3. Many levels or tier level of mentors.
  4. One monitors for 45 freshers.
  5. One faculty members for a group of higher level mentors.


  1.  Junior Levels: To mentor freshers, to interact with freshers, and to ensure safe, secure and comfortable environment in the campus. There are 245 freshers, so there will be 6 mentors for senior levels.
  2. Senior Levels: To guide and support as well as to interact with freshers through junior level mentors. As there are 6 juniors mentors, so two senior level mentors will help them


  1. Dr. RoshanSagolsem   – Academic Dean
  2. Mrs. DS. Ngaonei – Asst.Prof. Dept
  3. Jenkins Kongkongho – Student facilitators, MEC


  1. H.L Wungkashon – 5th semester , Political science Department
  2. Themchuila- 5th semester, English Department
  3. Theresa Kamei- 5th semester, Sociology Department
  4. B. Lunii Anthony – 5th semester, Zoology Department
  5. Harshit Jaiswal -5th semester Commerce Department
  6. Levanai -5th semester, Botany Department


As per MEC, the composition of Anti- Ragging Squad to be nominated by the head of College with the representation as may be considered necessary from the campus community only

Roles and Responsibilities of Squad

  1.  To make surprise raids on hostels and other places vulnerable to incidents of and having the potential of ragging.
  2. To conduct on the spot enquiry into any incident of ragging and report immediately to the Anti- Ragging Committee.

Anti- Ragging cum Anti- Intoxicant Squad Members:

  1. SP. Simeon- Chaplain, MEC – Chairman
  2. Kuvahlu vemai- Staff- member
  3. Hriini  vemai- Staff- member
  4. Shezii vemai- Staff- – member
  5. Ngasalu-Staff- member
  6. Aniam Gondaimai-Staff-member
  7. Duanthuilung- Staff- member



To prevent the menace of ragging and maintain healthy interpersonal relations among the students in the campus, an Anti- Ragging awareness Programme was conducted in the institution on 19th August 2023 for the students both freshers and the higher semester students. The programme was started at 9.30 am at the College Auditorium with the welcome address by the member of the cell, Miss. Worinyo Muinao introduced the resource person to the gatherings.

The programme was successful and students were able to learn various anti- Ragging laws. Students of Mount Everest College are greatly benefited from the resource person Mr. Jangminthan, Asst. Professor of Sociology Department, MEC. He addressed the gatherings with an explanation to ragging , types of ragging and informed the gatherings about the consequences of ragging if found guilty depending upon the nature and gravity of the offense. At the end of the programme, a mass spoken pledge was taken by the gatherings not to indulge in any form of ragging led by Sir, D.S. Ngaonei, Asst Professor Political Science Department, MEC. Nearly about 120 students and faculties attended the said programme . An information was circulated to fill their anti- Ragging undertaking form and asked to submit through the portal of the college. The programme concluded with a short prayer for the students by Mr.SP Simeon Chaplain, MEC.

Report on a Seminar on Drug Abuse Awareness

10th November 2023

“Say No To Drugs: Building A Drug – Free District”

 A one day seminar on Drug Abuse Awareness was conducted in the institute under Anti- Ragging cum Anti- Intoxicant Cells in Collaboration with Senapati District Students  Association (SDSA) – titled, ” Say No to Drugs:Building a Drug Free District ” on 10th November, 2023 at Chapel Hall, Mount Everest College. The seminar was aimed at making our students aware of the dangers involved in psychoactive substances. A total of 500 students attended the seminar. The programme started with a welcome address by Sir Asahrii Clement President, PNTM. It was followed by an opening remark by Sir Gonmei Meithuanlung, acting principal of Mount Everest College . He emphasized on the importance of eradicating ignorance and encouraging future leaders to walk in discipline.

Sri. ML Kaisungbou additional SP, Senapati deliberated on the origin of the tragic drug history in Manipur and the different types of Drugs that can affect the well-being of an individual, physically and psychologically.

Ms. Paveine Paulina Y Clinical Psychologist, DMHP, Senapati spoke about Psychological Interventions on Substance use emphasizing the need for interventions and knowledge on the adverse effects of substance use. She suggested refusal skills of saying ‘NO’ to peer pressure situations with eye contact and offering alternatives.

The Q& A session opened up the doubtful minds of the students. At the end of the programme, the participants took a pledge to stand unwavering against drug abuse, educate themselves, seek help when in need. The closing remarks was given by Chairperson Robin Kangba vice president ,SDSA.