Students take center stage at our college, where their needs are paramount. While we strive to facilitate their seamless academic journey, challenges can arise. These hurdles may stem from communication gaps or the inherent complexities of catering to individual needs.
Acknowledging these potential concerns, the college has established the Students Grievance Cell (SGC), as mandated by the University Grants Commission (UGC). This vital platform empowers students to voice concerns, ensuring transparency in admissions and eliminating unfair practices.
The SGC plays a pivotal role in safeguarding student well-being. It fosters a nurturing and equitable learning environment on campus, allowing students to thrive and complete their courses on time. The cell swiftly resolves both academic and non-academic grievances lodged by any student, adhering to established college guidelines.
Moreover, the SGC actively promotes healthy interactions between students and teachers, bridging any gaps in the teaching and learning process. This fosters a collaborative and supportive environment where students can excel.


The SGC is constituted to ensure the redressal of grievances reported by the students of the college with the aim to achieve following objectives:


The aim of the SGC is to promote cordial and friendly atmosphere in the campus, so that the ideals and dignity of the college is protected.


It is to encourage and ensure students to express their grievances freely without being victimized.


It is to promote ideals of open suggestions and constructive criticism, rather than students forming groups and inciting collective rebellion. Students from different religious, cultural and regional backgrounds are to refrain from inciting students against other students, teachers and college administration.


It aims to promote respect and cordial atmosphere between all the college staffs and students.

SCOPE:  The scope of the Students Grievance Cell encompasses any of the following matters:

            1. Academic Matters: The cell shall look into the matters related to timely issue of duplicate Mark-sheets, Transfer Certificates, Conduct Certificates, Scholarships, and other examination related matters.

            2. Financial Matters: The cell caters grievances related to financial matters such as: college fees, dues, and other payments related to library, hostels etc.

            3. Other Matters: Matters related to conditions of sanitation, food and food preparation, transport related issues, teachers-students relationship (corporal punishment) etc.


1. The function of the SGC is to look into the complaints lodged by students and investigate the merit of the grievances with fairness. The cell discerns fairly and formally review all cases and act accordingly as per the policy of the college.

2. The cell will report these cases to the higher authority for further directions and guidance.


  1. To lodge a complaint, students may submit their grievances in writing and drop it in the Grievance Box provided by the college.
    • The SGC shall consider only grievances of individual students, no grievances of collective nature shall be considered.
    • All the grievances of the students are to be submitted in writing form.
    • The SGC shall act upon those cases forwarded along with the necessary details of the students and clear statement of the grievances.
    • The SGC shall act on the grievance cases with fairness, and resolve issues within the  stipulated time  provided by the cell.

Grievance Appeal and Redressal Committee Members

Sl.NameDesignationNominated as
1Mr. Gonmei MeithuanlungpouActing Principal, MECChairman
2Mr. Niomchung Jatak ChiruCo-ordinator, IQACSecretary
3Miss. Lungshila,HOD, Department of ZoologyMember
4Mr. Prem KumarHOD, Department of MathematicsMember
5Mr. Sp SimeonChaplainMember
6Mr. Jenkins KongkonghoStudents’ FacilitatorMember
7Miss. ThemchuilaStudent RepresentativeMember

Contact Persons:       1.         Mr. Gonmei Meithuanlungpou        
                                                         Acting Principal, MEC
                                                         Contact Number: 9612103465

                                          2.         Mr. Niomchung Jatak Chiru
Co-ordinator, IQAC, MEC
                                                        Contact Number: 8837457681