Pursuant to the directive issued by the Directorate of University and Higher Education, Government of Manipur, dated the 28th of July, 2023, a three-day immersive training program focusing on the “Moodle Learning Management System” was orchestrated with precision and dedication. This educational endeavor unfolded within the distinguished confines of the Conference Hall at the Directorate of University and Higher Education, GOM, commencing on the 31st of July and culminating on the 2nd of August in the same year.

In conjunction with this significant undertaking, Niomchung Jatak Chiru, assuming the role of IQAC Coordinator, Biswajit Singh, adroitly serving as the IT Coordinator, and Thovi, diligently carrying out the responsibilities of the Moodle Coordinator, collectively constituted a distinguished contingent, representing the venerable Mount Everest College in their active participation in this comprehensive training initiative.

Upon the culmination of this instructive training program, it is a matter of great distinction that the team hailing from Mount Everest College achieved the coveted accolade for best performance. They emerged triumphant among the 11 aided colleges from the state of Manipur that participated in this transformative educational experience.