Inter Departmental Day 2023

The Mount Everest College Inter-Departmental Day programme was organized under the theme “Department Olympics in Creativity” at the college Multipurpose Hall on 21st April, 2023 at 10 am. President of the College Dr. V. Alexander Pao, Mount Everest vice Principal Gonmai Maithuanlungpou, Assistant Professors and students of all the department attended the programme.

The programme was organised by Co-curricular committee of Mt. Everest College and is being participated by 14 Departments. The programme was organized in such a way that different Departments of Different discipline sheared a common platform.

            The programme begins at 10:05 am by singing College Anthem followed by Invocation prayer by S.P. Simeon, Chaplain, MEC.

            The sequence of the Departmental Events was highlight by the two moderators 1. Mr. Jaojian Riamei, Asst. Prof. Dept. of History and 2. Mr. Lanchenba, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Political Science, MEC.

Different events were performed according to the sequence.

  1. Physics Department on the Theme “Physics class: Physics is simple but physicists are not”
  2. Commerce Department on the Theme: “Unemployment”
  3. English Department on the Theme: “Staging Dante’s Inferno”.
  4. Zoology Department on the Theme: “Human Evolution, Imbalance and ill Effects of Ecosystem”.
  5. Mathematics Department on the theme: “Logical-Mathematical Intelligence”.
  6. Anthropology Department on the theme: “Culture is Dynamic”.
  7. Botany Department on the theme: “Conserving trees for a better tomorrow”.
  8. Computer Science Department on the theme: “Cybercrime and security”.
  9. Home Science Department on the theme: “Spring Flower Décor”.
  10. Political Science Department on the theme: “As you like it”.
  11. Education Department on the theme: “Save Water, save life”.
  12. History Department on the theme: “Indian Struggle for Independence”.
  13. Chemistry Department on the theme: “Reactions of Chemistry”.
  14. Sociology Department on the theme: “Sociological Experiment”.


  1. Best Presentation goes to English Department
  2. Most Thematic goes to Zoology Department
  3. Most Creativity goes to  Education Department
  4. Most Thrilling goes to Commerce Department
  5. Most Realistic goes to Botany Department
  6. Most Inspirational goes to Physics Department.

After the vote of thanks from Mr. K.R. Alen Chiru, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Pol. Sc., The programme was ended with a word of prayer from Mr. Jenkins Kongkongho, Students Facilitator, MEC.