THE 23RD ANNUAL LITERARY MEET OF MOUNT EVEREST COLLEGE was organized by Co-curricular Committee, MEC on 22nd and 25th October, 2022 under the theme “Igniting Talents”. It was attended by all the students and teachers of the college. The annual literary meet was held with the objective of exploring new talents amongst the students and encouraging them to pursue their talents and dreams. Above this, it was also aimed to bring about the overall personality development of the students.

The first day of the annual literary meet was held on 22nd October in college campus. Various competitions on painting, essay writing, videography and photography were conducted on this day.

The second day of the annual literary meet was held on 25th October in college auditorium hall. It began with the singing of College anthem. After which, various competitions on extempore speech, solo singing and dance, debate, quiz and choreography took place one after the other. Many students participated in all the competitions with excellence.

After all the competitions was over the co-curricular committee declared the results and distributed the prizes. The results of all the competitions are attached herewith.

The annual literary meet was a success with co-operation from the college authority, students and teachers. It came to an end with a prayer from Mr. Shekho, Asst. Prof, Dept. of Economics.